Crombie Lockwood Medium Enterprise Business Excellence Award Winner

Recognising enterprises with 10 to 24 full time employees that demonstrate business excellence.

Isaac Workplace Wellbeing Award Winner

Recognising and celebrating organisations that are leading the way in employee wellbeing.

Jeff Evans Ltd

"Compassion and understanding is a priority for everyone at Jeff Evans Limited. We are a family based business, we genuinely care for all our staff and their families, our priority is always family first and we support all our staff through their work and non-work (personal) journeys. This includes offering 'company' leave for times when families may need to be away from their work place, or experiencing some hard times. It also includes financial and emotional support during family illness and travel costs. Our commitment to staff is demonstrated by our record of staff retention and longevity. Two of our staff have been with us for over 27 years and continue to thrive and upskill while also mentoring our newer employees. This is openly encouraged and supported by the company, by providing times for training, team building, a friendly culture and can do attitude. Supporting our community is important to our company and we encourage all staff to pursue their goals to help in the community, including paying wages while fire fighters attend call-outs, paid leave for sports representations, community functions and events."