Waiho Hot Tubs, Franz Josef Glacier - Supreme Award winner 2022

Waiho Hot Tubs also took out top honours for the Greymouth Star Rising Star Award, and finalist for The Great Journeys of New Zealand Covid Hero Award

The creation of Waiho Hot Tubs was a response to the impact COVID-19 was having on his existing businesses. Adam took the brave decision to start something new and something that would support other struggling businesses, not just his own.

“Franz Josef’s isolation creates a special community spirit and strong interdependence between businesses. We need each other to be successful in order to succeed ourselves,” Adam said.

Development West Coast chief executive Heath Milne said: “Our Supreme Winner, Adam Haugh from Waiho Hot Tubs, is to be congratulated for his deserving win.”

“His decision to start a new business has not only meant keeping his own staff employed but provided work for a lot of other businesses in the glacier townships.”

Heath Milne, Development West Coast chief executive



Recognising a business (operating for five years or less) that has achieved significant growth as a result of effective business practices and delivery.

Waiho Hot Tubs, Franz Josef Glacier

Soak in the luxury of your private Waiho Hot Tub, nestled amongst a lush rainforest setting in the Franz Josef Glacier village. Your tubs submerged wood burner keeps you in control of the temperature of the fresh, mountain stream water during your Waiho experience. The relaxation factor of this all-weather experience can be further enhanced by adding epsom salts and beautiful NZ hydrosols to your water. Locally developed and operated, Waiho Hot Tubs offers another fantastic reason to rejuvenate at Franz Josef Glacier.

Waiho Hot Tubs, Franz Josef Glacier, are best described as a gift for the senses. Immerse yourself in the soothing comfort of pure mountain stream water heated to perfection by the tubs wood burning stove. Adjusting the temperature of your private wood-fired hot tub is as simple as adding more cold water or opening up the damper on the submerged fire box to get the fire roaring. Each hot tub comfortably sits up to four adults and a child during the hour-long soak. A large umbrella is available to shield you from the elements.