Completed Consumer Campaigns

Summer 2023

Summer on the Coast

Date: 1st November – 31st January

Target Audience: New Zealand & Australia

Estimated Outcome: Forecasted Reach/impressions: 6,676,519

All Visitors (The number of times people who saw the ads were interested to find out more and clicked on them): 78,644

Estimated conversion to operator: 487

Estimated frequency: 3.15

New articles created:


Reach/impressions: Google - 5.2M Facebook - 3.3M

All Visitors: Google - 51.2K Facebook - 71.1K

Conversion to operator: Google - 440 Facebook - 74

Frequency: Google - TBC Facebook - 4

Current Consumer Campaigns

Autumn 2024

The PGA campaign is focused on awareness for the West Coast as a visitor destination.

Date: 14th February – 15th May 2024

Estimated Outcome:

New Zealand

Forecasted Reach/impressions = 1,372,041

Estimated Clicks = 24,052

Estimated conversion to operator: 126

Estimated frequency: 10


Forecasted Reach/impressions = 1,095,278

Estimated Clicks = 20,953

Estimated conversion to operator: 53

Estimated frequency: 7

Results to date:

Impressions to date: Google 1.2 million, Facebook 3.1 million

Clicks: Google 22.8k. Facebook 103.7k

Website visits: From Google ads 6,172, from Facebook 28.9k

Clicks to operator sites: From Google 185, from Facebook 45

General content pillars:

Hiking, Biking, Relaxing, Adventure Activities, Dining, Family/School Holiday Inspiration.

New Articles Created

Video Creative

Maruia Hot Springs:

The Helicopter Line:


Kumara Theater Royal:

West Coast Treetop Walkway & Zipline:

Road Trips:

Beachfront Hotel Hokitika:


Upcoming Campaigns

For the following campaigns please send across any packages or deals for each season. We’d also love to hear about any new products you have. If you’ve had professional photos taken of your business recently, flick them through to us as we may be able to feature in our campaigns or website content. Please send them 1-2 months before the campaign starts as this will allow us to fit you into our planning work.

Contact: Tim Chesney


Phone: +64 21 88 57 58

Winter 2024 

1st June - 31st August

Pretty great actually brand campaign (new assets)

Spring 2024

1st Sept - 15th October

Pretty great actually brand campaign (new assets)

Summer 2024/2025

1st Nov - 10th Jan

New creative for campaign TBC.