Criteria for family friendly packages or pricing

Criteria for family friendly packages or pricing

In order for a family package or price (loaded as a deal) to be accepted it must be a family-specific offering. 

Here are a few examples of what a good family package/price could look like: 

  • Family package e.g. 2 adults + 2 kids < 14 years $XXX
  • % off Family Pass
  • Family pass from $XXX
  • Kids 0-16 go free/stay free/eat free
  • % off family rooms 
  • Kids 13-18 Yrs free 
  • Family rooms from $XXX. All ages
  • % off kid's tickets
  • The older kids age range example suits adventure activities which have a minimum age or weight limit. 

As noted above, the submission of family packages and pricing via the Deal screen in the Tourism Business Database does not necessarily need to be a discount or special offer like normal Deals.

Note, Family packages or pricing submitted will show on the relevant family related pages on  Please create additional deals for a campaign or without a campaign tag for wider reach on

Why TNZ would decline a submitted family package or price?

Here are some reasons why a family deal may be declined. Following these tips will help you submit a valid deal the first time: 

  • The price or deal is not specific to a family e.g. It’s a couples deal or only for adults 
  • There is no weblink to information about the package or price point.

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