Step 1: Submit a Hero Product / package to DWC

Step 1:

Submit to Geraldine your Autumn specific package before the 26 January 2022 to get a chance to feature as a HERO product for this campaign (We can submit up to 10 Hero product, TNZ will chose 1 per region) aligned with the campaign messaging, trends and time of the year.

Purpose of Hero product:

  • Drive demand and bookings for the featured operator / operators / region
  • Drive traffic to to increase volume or referrals to all participating operators

Criteria for Hero Product:

  • Qualmark
  • Align to the TNZ campaign messaging or campaign theme
  • Best represent a region to the audience in which TNZ are targeting
  • A unique and engaging experience or collection or experiences that will attract domestic visitor to a region
  • Easy to book – good customer journey to avoid barriers to book ie, have a dedicated webpage and no promocode required.
  • A strong value proposition for the domestic visitor ie, price point has been considered
  • Open, have availability and are willing to commit to a price point for the entirety of the TNZ campaign period

What works best:

  • Multiple operators coming together and showcasing the region.
  • Visible price point of $499 maximum per person or the whole package.
  • Kiwis need to see value in the offer.

What information to send?

  • Key operator contact email
  • Product Description
  • Product URL
  • Price per person
  • Name of each operator participating in the deal
  • Additional notes