Tourism NZ - Summer Campaign

Make it the best summer ever!

Tourism New Zealand - Summer campaign

Kick off:                15 November 2021

Ended:                   27 February 2022

This summer Tourism New Zealand is challenging New Zealanders to make this the best summer ever, by doing new, going somewhere new, and extending their summer holiday.

The most epic summers are full of new experiences.

Summer is our chance to cram in as much fun as we can.

Doing new, seeing new, learning new – this is what our best summer memories are made of and you’re ever too young or too old.


All New Zealand demographics


Empty Nesters

Single & Double-Income Households.  

Three core objectives:

  • Ensure recovery out of lockdown is strong and quick
  • Get kiwis to participate in Tourism economy over summer
  • Make summer last longer

How can operators leverage?

Upload a deal or a package under and remember to add the summer tag.


  • There is no deadline for operators to upload a summer deal, but the sooner they do, the greater the opportunity in terms of referrals and additional exposure.
  • Summer deals do not need to be exclusive to Tourism New Zealand, they can load any offer they already have in market, across any other channel.

How to load a campaign deal?

  • Go to your Business in Tourism New Zealand’s Tourism Business Database.
  • Click on Deals in the top navigation > Add a new deal
  • If you have more than one business you will need to select which business the listing is for and then the product listing it is for. From there, select the market language, deal type and deal details.

Important notes:

  • Please curate a new deal aligned to the campaign messaging.
  • There are slightly different steps for creating deals in the Tourism Business Database for the current Australia and domestic campaigns.
  • For more detailed information on uploading deals please review the Tourism Business Database user guides.