Social Media Insights Feb & March 2024

social media insights

Get insights into our top-performing social media content from the previous month and a sneak peek into the months ahead.

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February & March:

Our organic social media content performed well during the end of summer and autumn. Our audience engages well with posts giving ideas of things to do around the West Coast, as well as scroll-stopping scenery images/videos and hidden gems. On Instagram, Reels drive most of the traffic, attracting new followers, while on Facebook, photo posts currently work better.

top performing content - February 2024 & March 2024

heaphy track carousel

#1 Heaphy Track (Facebook Photo Carousel Post)

Reach: 46.6K

Likes: 744

Comments: 52

Shares: 52

Saves: 20

lake matheson reel

#2 Lake Matheson (Instagram Reel)

Reach: 43.8K

Likes: 4060

Comments: 100

Shares: 292

Saves: 504

Rfeeton carousel

#3 Reefton (Facebook Photo Carousel)

Reach: 42.5K

Likes: 438

Comments: 11

Shares: 18

Saves: 17

oparara carousel

#4 Oparara Arches (Facebook Photo Carousel)

Reach: 38.8K

Likes: 243

Comments: 14

Shares: 24

Saves: 9

Upcoming Content - April & May

Our paid autumn campaign will be live until the 15th of May 2024. It will focus on creating awareness of the West Coast destination and inspire targeted people to consider and book a holiday.

Our organic social media content will continue to support the campaign with posts around the topics featured on our website, mixed with UGC (User Generated Content) and other season-related content.

Feel free to reach out if you have any content to support our content plan!

April - mid-May 2024


End of summer and autumn

  • history & heritage
  • arts
  • romantic getaways
  • activities with kids
  • road trips
  • stargazing
  • unique stays

Featuring content pieces from the articles on our Autumn inspiration page: