From England to owning a holiday park in Ross beach

Sue and Andy Stile are the owners of the Ross Beach Top 10 Holiday Park, situated on the West Coast of New Zealand. Originally from England, Sue and Andy moved to Australia for 16 years before settling in New Zealand. They chose to move to Ross because of the holiday park's unique set-up, with the containers already in place. Although they swore off running another holiday park, they fell in love with Ross Beach and decided to take the leap.

One of the most significant advantages of living on the Coast is being right on the edge of the beautiful ocean. The breathtaking views that come with being right next to the water are what drew Sue and Andy to Ross Beach. Living on the Coast can also require resilience, self-motivation, and an ability to enjoy your own company. While they get to see lots of people living at the holiday park, Sue notes that being comfortable with yourself and able to get on with things is important.

Overall, Sue's story shows how a leap of faith can lead to great rewards. Living on the Coast comes with its unique challenges, but it can also provide breathtaking views and a sense of peace and tranquility. Sue's experience highlights the importance of being open to new opportunities and embracing change, even if it means going back on previous decisions.

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