The perfect work-life balance found on the Coast

Calum and Cara decided to move to the West Coast in search of a better lifestyle. Calum is a GP at Coastal Health, while Cara is a stay-at-home mom.

One of the main reasons why Calum and Cara chose to move to the West Coast was because of the lifestyle it offered. They wanted to live in a place that would allow them to have a great quality of family life while Calum can still pursue his career. Calum's job at Coastal Health provides him with the opportunity to further his career while still allowing him to enjoy an amazing lifestyle with his family.

Living on the West Coast also allows Calum and Cara to indulge in their passion for spending time in the outdoors. They love the accessibility and convenience on the Coast. They can easily walk to the park or the supermarket, and Calums workplace is within walking distance.

Apart from the lifestyle and accessibility, Calum and Cara also love the sense of community that exists on the West Coast. They have found like-minded people who share their sense of adventure and are always willing to help out. The people in the community really look out for one another, which has made the couple feel welcomed and at home.

The West Coast is truly a place where families can find the perfect balance between work and play.

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