Feedback and complaints

Development West Coast Feedback and Complaints

Development West Coast (DWC) appreciates your feedback. We are committed to delivering exceptional service and ensuring you have the best possible experience with us. We take feedback and complaints seriously and we use your feedback as an opportunity to learn and improve our services.

If you would like to tell us about something we do well, or if we have let you down in some way, please get in touch and tell us what has happened. We will make sure that all feedback – good and bad – is taken onboard and improvements made where necessary.

Complaints Process Steps image

Step One – Making Initial Complaint / Feedback

Your first point of contact if you have feedback or a complaint is through your DWC account manager (the main person you work with at DWC).

If you have a complaint regarding a commercial finance matter, this follows a specific process in accordance with DWC’s external dispute resolution scheme. You can view the process here.

Your feedback/complaint will be acknowledged, and the process explained to you within five working days.

You will then receive a response and any resolution to your complaint/feedback within ten working days from your initial contact.

If you are not satisfied with the response and/or resolution at this stage, you can choose to complete the online feedback or complaints form outlined in Step Two below.

Step Two – Online Forms

If you are not satisfied with the response or resolution received in Step One, please download and complete the Complaints and Feedback form and email it to

We ask for your contact details so we can respond directly to you, however, if you wish to make a complaint anonymously, it will be acted on and treated with the same level of importance.

If you encounter an issue submitting your form, please email for assistance.

Complaint Received

Your complaint will be acknowledged, in writing, within five working days by DWC’s Complaints Committee.


The Committee will investigate your complaint and contact you within ten working days of receipt of your written complaint. If we need to work with others to resolve your complaint, it may take longer but we will keep you informed of this.

Our commitment to resolving your complaint

All complaints are taken seriously and handled with priority. We will ensure you are treated with respect and in a professional and private manner.

Step Three – Unsatisfied with outcome of complaint : Commercial Finance and Education

DWC will do its best to ensure you are satisfied with the outcome of your complaint investigation, however, if your complaint is regarding a commercial finance or education matter and you are not satisfied with the outcome, you can seek a review of your complaint by an external party.

Social Services and Education

If you have received a Ministry for Social Development (MSD) funded education service through DWC and you are not happy with the outcome of the complaint investigation, you can request DWC connect you with the MSD account manager for the funded service for review of your complaint.

Commercial Finance

If you have received a DWC commercial finance service and you are not satisfied that your complaint has been addressed fully by the DWC Complaints Committee, your next step is to contact DWC's external dispute resolution scheme, Financial Services Complaints Ltd (FSCL) - A Financial Ombudsman Service. FSCL's services does not cost you anything. More information: FSCL.

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