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30 April, 2024
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Development West Coast (DWC), supported by the Lottery Minister’s Discretionary Fund, is pleased to offer community governance training, from Karamea to Haast and facilitated by Westlake Governance.

This Community Governance workshop is designed for people who are on the boards of community organisations, whether on school BOTs, sports clubs, or other community and/or volunteer based groups.

A community governance role is very different from being on the board of a commercial organisation: you usually have limited resources, and often have to combine your roles as governor, board member or trustee with helping (or being) the manager. You may be doing much of the volunteer work as well. 

  • So how do you split your roles? 
  • How do you wear your different hats successfully? 
  • How do you know you’re succeeding, and what to watch out for?

In this interactive and engaging one-day programme, we’ll help to answer these questions, so you can provide the leadership, direction and control your organisation needs to help it achieve its purpose.

The workshop will cover the following main topics:

  • Governance: what it is (and isn’t), and why it matters.
  • The legal bit: what your responsibilities are under the new legislation for trusts and incorporated societies.
  • Leading from your boardroom: working with the manager or CEO (if you have one); how to get to the best decisions and ensure they become actions.
  • Understanding the basics of finance.
  • Your role in strategy and risk; and
  • When everyone’s an expert with an opinion: how to make this work in your community.

About the Facilitator:
Richard Westlake, of Westlake Governance Limited, is best known on the West Coast for the successful and well-established West Coast Governance Programme, which he has facilitated since 2011. This Programme has helped more than 40 West Coast leaders to be appointed and succeed in board, council and leadership positions, from local government to rural and retail co-ops, to privately owned farming businesses, to community trusts. 

Richard has chaired a wide variety of boards, both for profit and for purpose, for over 25 years. He is one of New Zealand's most experienced governance facilitators, working with organisations of all types, from the largest companies to resource-limited community groups. His style is inclusive, stimulating and enjoyable, and his aim is to give you the very best value for your day. 

He writes possibly the only blog anywhere specifically for board chairs and experienced board members, at

Location: EPIC Kawatiri, 10A Lyndhurst Street, Westport

Date: Tuesday, 30th April 2024

Time: 9:00am-4:00pm

More Locations:
The West Coast Community Governance Workshop is coming to a town near you, running from 9am – 4pm. There are only 20 spaces at each location, so ensure you apply now! We also ask you to indicate if there are other locations you'd be happy to attend the workshop at to ensure we can provide the workshop to as many people as possible. The workshop is 100% subsidised.

  • Karamea – Tuesday, 5 March
  • Reefton – Wednesday, 6 March
  • Hokitika – Thursday, 7 March
  • Westport – Tuesday, 30 April
  • Greymouth – Wednesday, 1 May
  • Greymouth – Wednesday, 15 May
  • Franz Josef – Thursday, 16 May

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30 April, 2024
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