Techweek 24: Introduction to ePublishing

23 May, 2024
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WestTech hosts an introduction to creating and publishing an eBook

There are many advantages to publishing online, from a restricted audience to selling books. It is excellent for those who wish to publish novels, newsletters, magazines, family histories, poetry and publications that can include embedded videos. There is no cost to join the webinar, and a recording will be available at a nominal fee.

Presenter: Andrew Wright

Andrew is a published eBook author, a professional storyteller and an excellent tutor, who has a background in library and information technology. Andrew is also offering, through WestTech, a course in June consisting of two Saturdays in Hokitika and four Tues evenings ( the latter by zoom or in person) for those who wish to learn more about ePublishing focussing on their own work. The latter course has been supported by 150 Years of Connection.

Date: Thursday, 23 May

Time: 7.00pm - 8.00pm

Venue: Online


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What is WestTech?

WestTech comes under the umbrella of the West Coast Technology Education Trust umbrella, and provides community education in the technologies - digital, food, soft and hard materials, and is exploring enterprise education for those wishing to develop crafts into cottage industries.

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23 May, 2024
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