Te Whanaketanga Te Tai Poutini West Coast Economic Development Strategy 2050

18 February 2022
Development West Coast
A roadmap to guide economic development on the West Coast over the coming decades has been officially launched - Te Whanaketanga Te Tai Poutini West Coast Strategy 2050.

Blueprint launched to improve the lives of all Coasters

Te Whanaketanga steering group chair, Johny O’Donnell, said the strategy is about “planting new seeds and nurturing existing ones to help shape a future for the Coast that is sustainable, inclusive and prosperous.”

“It’s a strategy that’s an enduring roadmap, not a detailed plan where every step is defined, but a blueprint that will guide the West Coast over the next 30 years,” Mr O’Donnell said.

The development of the strategy was facilitated by Development West Coast.

Over 150 people from across the West Coast participated in workshops held to design the strategy. This included the initial contributions of over 20 young Coasters who were instrumental in setting the direction and tone of the strategy.

The workshops that were held to shape the foundation for the strategy included businesspeople, central government, local government, unions, mana whenua and the wider community.

Mr O’Donnell said there was engagement from every corner of the Coast, and from people from all walks of life.

“It doesn’t belong to any one organisation. It’s a strategy that is of the Coast by the Coast and represents that collective commitment and aspiration for the future.”

Te Whanaketanga is endorsed by the four West Coast councils, manua whenua and Development West Coast with a collective commitment “to unlock the potential of Te Tai Poutini (the West Coast) by carving our own path, front footing the change required and working in partnership with open minds and a solution-based approach to the wero (challenges) we face.”

With the promotion of social, economic, environmental, and cultural well-being of communities, Te Whanaketanga will deliver on the intergenerational outcomes comprised of three key missions: build confidence, diversify and strengthen our economy, and strengthen our communities.

These distinct missions contain 11 priority projects and 23 actions that have been identified through the strategy process.

Mr O’Donnell said while the framework of the strategy is enduring, the actions are expected to evolve and change over time.

“There is a really healthy list of actions that we are focusing on right now to get wins on the board and build momentum in the implementation of the strategy.”

The steering group for Te Whanaketanga will meet next month to initiate this work.

Regional Economic Development Manager Jo Birnie said Te Whanaketanga is a critical tool in enabling us to shape the future we want and create it together.

“It sets out our shared vision for improving the lives of all Coasters and shows us the pathway forward to achieving our aspirations as a community,”