Coast shows off career options

17 May 2024
Development West Coast
Development West Coast (DWC), in collaboration with the Mayor Taskforce for Jobs (MTFJ) and the Grey and Buller District Councils, hosted West Coast Employment Expos in Westport and Greymouth this week.

The events brought together businesses, industries, and employers from across the region.

Jade Mahuika, DWC Vocational Coordinator, said: "We are absolutely thrilled with the turnout and the enthusiastic energy and engagement from both the young people and businesses”

Over 50 exhibitors took part in the expo representing key sectors, such as Westland Milk Products, Fulton Hogan, Te Whatu Ora, Pāmu Farms, Federation Mining, Electronet, and many more.

Around 1200 students from secondary schools across the region attended the events in Westport and Greymouth.

Expo team

Expo team: Serena Moles (MTFJ Coordinator Grey District), Carrie Vaughan (MTFJ Assistant Coordinator Grey District), Jade Mahuika (DWC Vocational Coordinator), Ruby Eriksen (MTFJ Assistant Coordinator Buller District), and Julie Morre (MTFJ Coordinator Buller District).

Coast Career Expo photos

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