DWC Delivery Rebate Scheme

31 August 2021
Development West Coast
DWC offers rebates of $10 per delivery to help West Coast businesses through Level 3.

DWC Delivery Rebate Scheme to help businesses through Level 3

Businesses across the West Coast region that are offering deliveries during COVID-19 Alert Level 3 are eligible for a rebate of up to $500 per business from Development West Coast (DWC).

“We know our retailers, cafés and restaurants have been doing it tough under the current lockdown, and we want to offer some assistance,” says DWC chief executive Heath Milne.

“With the shift to Level 3, many of these businesses have been able to start operating again, but in a slightly different manner either through contactless pickups or deliveries.

“To help businesses who are having to adapt to these circumstances, we have brought back our delivery rebate scheme and doubled the amount available.

“If you’re a West Coast restaurant delivering takeaways or a retailer or local artisan sending your products off to customers by courier, you’ll be able to receive a rebate from DWC of $10 for each delivery,” Mr Milne says.

Economic consultancy firm Infometrics estimates 81.9 percent of the West Coast’s workforce will be operational Under Alert Level 3.

13 percent of the West Coast workforce (2,098 jobs) are employed in cafés, restaurants, takeaway food services and retail trade.

“The delivery rebate scheme aims to help get some of these Coasters back to work,” Mr Milne says.

“While we are far from business as usual, the rebate scheme will enable some businesses to re-establish operations and reconnect with their customers.”

Are you a West Coast business offering contactless deliveries in Level 3?

If so, you may be eligible to receive a $10 rebate per delivery from DWC, up to a maximum of $500 per establishment, to help offset some of the costs associated with running your own delivery service or using an established delivery/courier service.

Eligibility and Terms

  • Open to small or medium sized enterprises operating within the West Coast of the South Island.
  • Rebates available for businesses providing a delivery service while the region is under Level 3 from Wednesday 1 September 2021.
  • Rebate of $10 per individual delivery for purchases over the value of $10.
  • Maximum of $500 per business.
  • Businesses must adhere to all of Government’s guidance and requirements around operating safely at Level 3, including public health measures and health and safety obligations.
  • DWC reserves the right to audit businesses and/or request information in relation to rebates applied for or rebates received at any time. Fraudulent claims will require full repayment of any rebates received by the business to DWC.
  • The Delivery Rebate Scheme is a limited fund, and will be closed once the maximum number of businesses to reach that limit are registered..
  • Businesses must register for the Delivery Rebate Scheme by emailing info@dwc.org.nz.
  • Businesses shall send a single invoice for the total rebate being claimed to DWC after 15 September 2021, or when they have made the maximum sales and deliveries eligible for claiming.
  • Invoices must be received by 30 September 2021 to receive payment.
  • DWC will endeavour to pay businesses within 14 working days.

Register with info@dwc.org.nz