Embracing Winter on the Coast: DWC unveils new website and winter campaign

25 May 2023
Development West Coast
Development West Coast (DWC) launches a new consumer-focused tourism website, and kicks off a winter campaign - "There's worse places to be this winter."

The new website, packed with engaging content, was designed to reflect local personalities and values, an objective born out of DWC's destination management workshops.

Patrick Dault, Destination and Tourism Manager, explained that the site embodies not only the unique personality and charm of Coasters, but also the values that Coasters hold dear, to share a snapshot of their way of life.

Dault said the launch of the new website aligns with the kick-off of DWC's upcoming winter campaign, set to begin on June 1. The campaign, dubbed "There's worse places to be this winter", is a humorous and humble take on the quirky charm that is synonymous with the West Coast, “including grammatical adaptation”. The campaign extends a warm invitation to consumers, urging them to discover the West Coast and its awe-inspiring winter climate. Bursting with inspiring content, the campaign is all set to make any visit to the West Coast an experience to remember.

"The goal of the site isn't to convert into bookings - that's a job for our operators and their websites, DWC’s goal is to engage visitors with clever and inspiring content – and some ‘surprise and delight content’ to ensure awareness and consideration for the Coast – get people to plan a visit - and keep engaging the visitors throughout their consumer journey," added Dault. "But most importantly, it's about leading with values, so that visitors exhibit the same values our residents hold dear – that way there is no dissonance.”

"The reality has changed for RTOs, the complexity of the tourism landscape, with multiple stakeholders, online booking agents, operators and the elephant in the room - Google, forces us to adapt to a new reality. The new currency is content - and the desired outcomes are engagement,” Dault concluded.

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