Free Community Governance Workshops

21 February 2024
Development West Coast
Development West Coast is bringing community governance training to the West Coast.

One-day introductory community governance workshops will be facilitated by Richard Westlake of Westlake Governance and are designed for not-for-profit and community organisations.

DWC Economic Development Manager, Jo Birnie, said based on community feedback DWC are running the workshop from Karamea to Haast.

Normally the workshop would cost around $1000 per person, however recognising the financial restraints on community groups this training has been made free and only requires the investment of your time.

“Community groups, regardless of their size or purpose, can greatly benefit from governance training,” Birnie said.

“Governance training reinforces the importance of keeping the community group's mission and goals at the forefront of decision-making. By aligning actions with the group's purpose, members can ensure that their efforts remain focused and impactful.”

The workshops will be held in Karamea (5 Mar), Reefton (6 Mar), Hokitika (7 Mar), Westport (30 Apr), Greymouth (1 May), Franz Josef (15 May), and Haast (16 May).

Spaces are limited to 20 in each location, so ensure you apply now.

  • Karamea – Tuesday, 5 March
  • Reefton – Wednesday, 6 March
  • Hokitika – Thursday, 7 March
  • Westport – Tuesday, 30 April
  • Greymouth – Wednesday, 1 May
  • Franz Josef – Wednesday, 15 May
  • Haast – Thursday, 16 May

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