From Moana to Massey

10 August 2023
Development West Coast
DWC Tertiary Scholarship lights Molly Williams' career path to becoming a veterinarian.

Applications for Development West Coast’s (DWC) Tertiary Scholarships are now open, offering bright young minds not only an opportunity to pursue their dreams without financial barriers but also summer work and a guarantee of employment on the West Coast upon completion of their tertiary studies.

One shining example from the 2023 recipients is Molly Williams from Moana, who is pursuing a Bachelor of Veterinary Science at Massey University.

Passionate about the outdoors and working hands-on, Molly is considering a career as a practising veterinarian, with a keen interest in large animals. "I believe that this profession will be both rewarding and challenging," she said.

For Molly, the DWC scholarship isn't just financial assistance; it's a lifeline. It's enabling her to pursue her studies in Palmerston North without the weight of financial worries. Beyond monetary help, DWC is helping Molly gain valuable work experience. She has been honing her skills during the academic breaks with an internship at Paradise Vets in Kumara

"The DWC scholarship is providing me with connections to forge a path to success and achieve my goals and dreams."

Molly Williams
2023 scholarship holders
2023 DWC Scholarship holders: Jullian Guppy, Molly Williams, Portia Wyatt, and Zoe Double
Molly Williams 2023
Molly Williams

Molly describes the West Coast as a paradise, cherishing the tight-knit community, the region’s beauty, and the opportunities it offers. "We have everything in our backyard … as West Coasters, we have the opportunity to do anything and everything," she shared.

Molly's advice for potential applicants is clear: "Seize this opportunity … This scholarship is a gateway to a transformative education journey, it is an opportunity for your aspirations to flourish."

DWC offers four annual scholarships to first time tertiary students valued up to $32,500 per student over the three to four years of their study.

The goal of the scholarships is to retain talent on the West Coast.

Applications close at 5 pm on Monday, 4 September 2023.

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