Major sporting facilities

03 August 2020
Development West Coast
DWC provides $14.1m in funding towards major sporting facilities across the region.

Major sporting facilities on the West Coast

This year saw a major development in sporting facilities for Westland with the completion of the DWC Westland Sports Hub. DWC allocated $1.5m of MDI funding towards the Sports Hub. The project included covering the outdoor courts, gymnasium improvements, developing a pavilion, and upgraded drainage for the playing fields.

Finance Minister Hon Grant Robertson attended the grand opening of the DWC Westland Sports Hub. Discussing the establishment of DWC in 2001, Robertson said, “here we are with a whole host of projects across the Coast being funded by DWC, including this - the DWC Westland Sports Hub.”

DWC has now invested in the major sporting facilities in each district - Westland Recreation Centre, Greymouth, Pulse Energy Centre, Westport, and DWC Westland Sports Hub, Hokitika.

DWC contribution towards major sporting facilities

  • Westland Recreation Centre, Greymouth: $6.6m
  • Pulse Energy Centre, Westport: $6m
  • DWC Westland Sports Hub, Hokitika: $1.5m
Development West Coast

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