Tourism on the West Coast – Market Snapshots December 2023

01 December 2023
Development West Coast
We have produced a series of “market snapshots” that will give operators insight into:

New Zealand and the West Coast presents a promising opportunity across key markets, with a diverse landscape catering to various travel preferences.

Our market snapshots offer a 60-second overview of our key international markets.

The specific makeup of each market, including Free Independent Travelers (FIT), group tours, and special interest groups, influences the size and potential of each segment. Assessing each international market size against its active participants helps gauge growth possibilities.

Gaining a better understanding of our competition from other destinations, spending patterns, length of stay, and key travel components are critical for strategic planning. Offering insights into products frequently used, accommodation types, and mapping the supply chain through Inbound Tour Operators (ITOs), Online Travel Agencies (OTAs), and direct channels offer insights into distribution dynamics.

Market segmentation, considering family, luxury, and budget segments, aids in targeted marketing. Collaboration with potential partners to enhance market reach. Analysing customer journeys and tourism flows facilitates crafting appealing itineraries, creating a holistic approach to tapping into the West Coast’s international tourism potential.

Market Focus - Australia
Market Focus - Europe
Market Focus - China
Market Focus - North America
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