Mentoring helps Westport business

31 October 2019
Development West Coast
Business mentor enhances how Westport business operates and progresses.

Business mentor helps Westport company

Business Mentors New Zealand

Development West Coast partners with Business Mentors New Zealand to connect business owners and entrepreneurs with a mentor for some one-on-one advice. The mentors utilise their knowledge and experience to aid the success and growth of the businesses they support.

Their support involves an independent and impartial review of the business, assistance with implementation of any necessary improvements, and personal support at a level not generally available through standard courses or workshops.

Natural Construction Company

Frank O’Toole the owner and operator of the Natural Construction Company in Westport accessed the mentoring scheme through DWC and was matched with John Barnes.

“We had experienced some great successes recently, but hand in hand with that, we had also found ourselves encountering a few trials and tribulations which suggested we could really benefit from some sound advice and help in those areas. We saw the business mentor as an opportunity to help steer us on a much more even pathway as we navigate the exciting times ahead for our business,” Frank says.

“I believe we have benefitted greatly from having a business mentor that we can call upon when we are unsure of a particular direction to take when dealing with issues as they arise. We also found that the analysis of the business we have undertaken together has allowed us to identify areas we are performing well in, and other areas which need additional attention."

"The regular catchups allow us to plan and implement processes to address those areas requiring attention, which will ultimately enhance how we operate and progress in the future. I’ve really appreciated the assistance that the business mentor has provided us.”

Frank O'Toole (Natural Construction Company / Jennian Homes West Coast)

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