Minerals West Coast

03 August 2020
Development West Coast
DWC support for Minerals West Coast

Minerals West Coast

Minerals West Coast is a charitable trust established to promote and assist the region’s mining industry. It advocates for the collective interests of the sector within the region and across the country.

DWC approved a grant of $95,000 to Minerals West Coast for work that has spanned the last two financial years. This work included preparation of an industry factbook outlining the social, economic, and environmental benefits of the region’s mining sector, and organisation of the annual Minerals West Coast forum.

DWC also provides an office space for Minerals West Coast’s manager within DWC’s premises.

“The mining industry has a lot to offer for the West Coast economy and community. It’s been an honour to share an office with those committed to helping the region push ahead.”

Patrick Phelps, Manager, Minerals West Coast.

Minerals West Coast factbook

Prospects for the Future (6.1MB)

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