Naturally West Coast Food 2020

19 November 2020
Development West Coast
DWC runs month-long celebration of West Coast food.

The West Coast, a Foodies Paradise!

November 2020 brought a celebration of West Coast food and beverages, we called it Naturally West Coast Food 2020.

The month-long event showcased gastronomic delights created with the region's finest produce and ingredients.

Participating restaurants and cafés offered a signature dish using a key ingredient sourced from the West Coast's Untamed Natural Wilderness. This was anything from wild game, whitebait, fresh produce to West Coast salmon.

Celebrating the great things with us! From Karamea to Haast, filling plates on the West Coast with signature dishes. This was a celebration of West Coast food and beverages, with the DWC leading the event named Naturally West Coast Food 2020.

DWC Chief Executive Heath Milne says: "with the dishes all featuring some of our best produce and ingredients, November is set to raise awareness of the Coast as a place for foodies.”

“As a region we have a lot to celebrate about our food and beverage sector. We look forward to seeing the innovative dishes our local chefs come up with.”

“With Naturally West Coast Food we are also reaching out to the rest of the country, inviting them to come and enjoy some amazing cuisine. Our untamed natural wilderness is the perfect environment to produce healthy, sustainable food."

The DWC run event was supported by the Restaurant Association of New Zealand, Monteith’s and NZME. It was also a part of a big regional marketing drive by DWC aligned with Tourism New Zealand’s national marketing push throughout the month of November.