Nature Economy Project

24 February 2023
Development West Coast
Zak Shaw became the project lead for DWC's Nature Economy Project in June 2022. This project aims to diversify the West Coast economy through conservation, environmental restoration, and protecting native biodiversity.

Over the past year, significant progress has been made in developing the project. This includes creating a project framework and engaging stakeholders to coordinate various nature-focused initiatives across the region. The Nature Economy Project consists of five active project areas:

  • Project one supports tertiary education providers by advising on program design, identifying industry demand, and connecting training providers with industries.
  • Project two collaborates with secondary and community education providers to develop nature-based programs, addressing training needs and promoting networking opportunities.
  • Project three focuses on developing a shared tourism and conservation workforce model in South Westland, including regenerative tourism pilot projects and cultural heritage sharing.
  • Project four investigates diversification opportunities in the Buller district, such as mine site rehabilitation and native plant production.
  • Project five establishes a community conservation partnership, employing a predator control contractor.