New dessert and ice cream parlour opens

12 October 2022
Development West Coast
Amanda Aveyard and Loren Rigby have launched a new business in Hokitika.

“We wanted to bring something fresh and exciting to Hokitika, in an area that we felt hadn't been explored fully,” said Loren Rigby.

Their new business, Delighted Ice Cream and Dessert Parlour, has gotten off to a great start.

"We've had an absolutely amazing response from locals as well as people visiting Hokitika. We are extremely grateful.”

The parlour has a large range of ice cream flavours and menu items.

“Our Freak Shakes have been a huge hit and we have had a lot of very positive reviews around them.”

Loren said a big advantage in doing business on the West Coast is the region’s tight-knit communities.

“We have had a lot of help and guidance from suppliers and other local businesses which we do believe is the ‘Coast Way’.

“We’ve also had overwhelming support from local residents, lots of familiar faces. It has just been amazing. Coasters truly do get in and support where they can.

“This whole venture is something we really couldn't have done without the support of DWC, they truly went over and beyond for us.”

Loren Rigby | Delighted Ice Cream and Dessert Parlour