New tourism structure to set the West Coast up for success

01 April 2021
Development West Coast
A review has looked at the current and future requirements of destination management and tourism and how to best set the West Coast up for success.

New destination management and tourism structure

Development West Coast (DWC) has recently undertaken a review of its new Destination Management function and Tourism function (formally Tourism West Coast) which was amalgamated under DWC in early 2019.

“The review looked at the current and future requirements of destination management and tourism and how we can best set our region up for success. As a result, there will be a new structure in place at the end of June,” said Jo Birnie, DWC Economic Development Manager.

Patrick Dault (current Destination Development Manager) will become DWC’s Destination and Tourism Manager; Louise Woodburn will have a change of title from MICE Executive to Business Events Executive to align with the sector, however the position will not change.

There will be two new positions:

Consumer Insights Executive - Responsible for marketing and advertising. To lead in attracting consumers from NZ and all over the world. Engaging with existing visitors in the market and after they depart. Responsible for driving content development, joint venture campaigns with operators and partners.

Commercial Tourism Executive - Responsible for enabling trade and distribution. Helping businesses understand what domestic, wholesale and international markets are looking for. This person’s ultimate role will be to ensure market readiness and that operators are up to scratch with expectations from distribution.

The current Regional Tourism Manager position will be disestablished when Jim Little moves on at the end of July.

“Jim has represented the West Coast since January 2012 which has resulted in the West Coast being recognised for its contribution to tourism. Jim’s achievements include the creation and implementation of the Untamed Natural Wilderness brand, working with NZTA and TNZ gazetting the Great Coast Road and Glacier Highway as recognised touring routes, and representing the Regional Tourism Organisation as a finalist in the TIA awards three years in a row and winning twice,”

“We would like to thank Jim for his contribution to tourism on the West Coast and wish him well in his future endeavours,” said Ms. Birnie.

Media release 1 April 2021