New Zealand Institute of Minerals to Materials Research

03 August 2020
Development West Coast
DWC support for cutting edge research institute.

DWC has provided financial support for the New Zealand Institute of Minerals to Materials Research’s (NZIMMR) work. Based in Greymouth, NZIMMR has been bringing on staff and developing research projects to add value to the country’s mineral resources since 2018.

NZIMMR is constructing a minerals processing laboratory and a minerals-to-materials laboratory near Spring Creek, north of Greymouth. NZIMMR has had a strong focus on building in-house research capability and capacity.

Key research projects include extracting tungsten from tailings; proving up resources such as rare earth elements and titanium; enhancing gold recovery from alluvial mining; developing slow-release fertiliser; recycling and reusing pounamu shavings from carving; and developing advanced carbon-based materials.

NZIMMR is also exploring the concept of a centralised mineral processing facility, to improve the economics of extracting and commercialising the West Coast’s heavy mineral sands resources.