Promote your deal for free on the NZMCA app and website

21 June 2023
An easy and cost-effective way to reach over 115,000 of New Zealand’s most regular domestic tourists in over 63,000 households nationwide.

The NZMCA, a not-for-profit organization established in 1956, continues to prioritize member value. With 85% of members expressing interest in Local Deals, the organization has created a marketplace to connect businesses with members. Their aim is to foster a mutually beneficial relationship and support local businesses to bounce back and thrive.

Local Deals

Where will members see your deal?

NZMCA members recently rated their app as the most important benefit giving them easy access to all the places to stay, facilities, events, walking and cycle trails. Your Local Deal ad will be promoted on the main map screen so they see it when they’re at home or away and on the NZMCA website in a dedicated Local Deals section.

Each Local Deal will have its own marker and be included in the list view. Members will be able to click through to see more detail in the members-only section of our website.

Your Local Deal teaser will be visible to non-members who visit our website, giving you more reach. They need to login as a member to see the Local Deal details and redeem it.

List a deal now! It’s easy!

  1. Follow the link FREE West Coast Deal (the free link expires April 2024)
  2. Fill out the form with your deal and upload an image.
  3. Once it’s approved you will be sent a link to preview your deal.

If you would like any changes we do that for you, contact details below.

For further information, email or phone:

Georgia-Rae Lochore Marketing & Communications Assistant 09 298 5466 (ext. 704)