Regional promotion

03 August 2020
Development West Coast
Promoting the West Coast as a great place to work, live and play.

Regional promotion

Journalists have long been impressed by the West Coast’s natural beauty, writing many articles about the region being a great tourist destination – such as the New York Times declaring: ‘On New Zealand’s Stunning West Coast, the Beauty Doesn’t Stop’.

The media are now paying closer attention to the Coast, not just as a great place to visit, but also as an amazing place to live, work and do business.

To raise the profile and visibility of our region, DWC has been working closely with the media to share stories of West Coast business success, and this has resulted in significant positive coverage of the region in the national media.

“DWC supported us by publishing a beautiful article about our company's story, and our journey from Israel to the West Coast and what we offer the community. The article was published in the local newspaper and NZBusiness Magazine bringing us a lot of new customers.”

Anat Edwy (It’s All Good)

Its All Good.JPG

Anat Edwy - It's All Good (Photo: Jules Anderson)


West Coast - Work, Live, Play

DWC teamed up with NZME to run another ‘West Coast Work Live Play’ campaign. A comprehensive newspaper supplement was distributed via the New Zealand Herald showcasing the advantages of living, working, and doing business on the West Coast.

NZME Media Specialist Tracey Anderson says: “We were thrilled to collaborate with DWC again on the ‘Work Live Play’ series. DWC enabled the publication to happen, giving a broad range of businesses on the West Coast the opportunity to showcase themselves to a wider New Zealand audience. Our team from the Herald highly regard this publication as it always has great content which is interesting for our readers.”

West Coast - Work, Live, Play (2020)
Greymouth Star

Explore West Coast compendiums

The Greymouth Star produces unique in-room compendiums for accommodation providers on the West Coast. These compendiums show visitors what activities are available in each district as well as providing information on where to eat, drink and shop.

Greymouth Star Sales and Marketing Manager Brett Kokshoorn says with DWC support this year they were able to further expand the reach of the Explore West Coast visitor compendiums.

“By increasing the distribution, we can encourage visitors to stay longer and spend more when they are visiting the region.”

View Explore West Coast compendiums online:

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Explore Greymouth

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