Six foods to sink your teeth into at Wildfoods Festival

19 January 2021
Development West Coast
Once a year, the famous Hokitika Wildfoods Festival brings a wide array of exotic (and wild) foods to the Cool Little Town, for visitors to test their taste buds on.

These are iconic morsels that you definitely need to take a bite out of when attending the festival.

Huhu Grubs

Tastes just like peanut butter, add this source of protein to your diet on the day.

Mountain Oysters

Don’t be fooled by the name, but give it a go! Mountain Oysters are in fact sheep testicles.

Pickled Punga

Punga is made from the flesh inside of a fern palm, and this case, pickled.


A visit to the West Coast, let alone the Wildfoods Festival, would be incomplete without taking a bite out of at least one Whitebait patty.

Pig snout on a stick

You love pork, but have you ever eaten a pig snout? We dare you to try it this year.


Fresh tuna sashimi, smoked Tuna, cooked tuna, you can get tuna every way it comes at the Tuna stall. Really good value for money and delicious!

Hokitika Wildfoods Festival