Tenders Sought for Riverview Development

25 September 2023
Grey District Council
Grey District Council, aligned with its commitment outlined in the 2021-2031 Long Term Plan, is collaborating with their development partner, Development West Coast, to select a Preferred Main Contractor to commence the design of Riverview development in Greymouth.

Initially planned for year five of Grey District Council’s Long Term Plan, the project has kickstarted earlier than planned thanks to the Three Waters Better Off Funding granted to Grey District Council in August 2022. This financial support has accelerated the building design and land acquisition process. Grey District Council and Development West Coast are excited to leverage the funding for the best possible outcome.

At this stage, the allocated funding is aimed at advancing the design to a critical point while preserving the flexibility to make informed decisions before full commitment. Local subcontractor engagement is encouraged and will play a vital role when moving forward into the build stage.

The tender, initiated on the GETS website last Friday 22nd September 2023, sets out the intention to progress into a Design and Build contract after the Pre-Contract Services Agreement (PCSA) Stage. This will be contingent on the successful delivery of initial services to the satisfaction of the Council, and the attractiveness of the contract price proposal submitted.

The current concept design images show a visual idea based on the hugely successful Marlborough Library and Gallery. Proposals received during the tender process will be based on this design however there will be an opportunity to develop a bespoke design that is distinctly unique to Greymouth.

Riverview Concept Design
The current concept design that is based on the Marlborough Library and Gallery.

The site for the development sits at the intersection of Richmond Quay and Boundary Street. Directly adjacent to the flood wall, a two-storey building will make use of panoramic views upriver and downstream to the river mouth, extending out to the Tasman Sea. The image below shows the view from an elevation of 12m, similar to the view that will be seen from the first floor of the building.

Māwhera 12m (2)
The view from 12 metres elevation at the site of the Riverview Development.

The development will book-end the CBD at the west end, activating this area of town and adding to the CBD’s overall offering. Once completed, Riverview Development will provide ground floor commercial space to be let for Retail, Food & Beverage, or other commercial use, providing an income stream to offset operational costs. The 1st floor will be developed by Grey District Council into a new modern Library facility to serve the local community.

Final decisions on the design and cost are expected to be made by early 2024. The Grey District Community will be kept updated throughout this exciting process and community input will be sought on ideas for the fit out of the building.

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