West Coast dominates Australian Geographic’s global adventure bucket-list

08 April 2022
Development West Coast
Two West Coast destinations feature in Australian Geographic’s recently released 2022 bucket-list for global adventures.

The magazine listed the seven best places in the world to hike, ride, paddle or explore in 2022.

The Paparoa Track was recommended as the best location to hike this year.

“The Paparoa Track is yet another example of how well NZ’s Department of Conservation has nailed the walking experience and, for those who have already ‘done the Great Walks’ this new one is a must to add to that list,” the magazine said.

The Old Ghost Road was recommended as the top destination to ride in 2022, saying: “ you will be so enraptured by the landscape you’re riding through – and the views – you’ll forget all the hard stuff and just enjoy the Old Ghost Road for what it is: an epic MTB adventure.”

Other activities on the global buck-list included hiking in Kluane National Park (Canada); mountain biking at Sun Peaks Resort (Canada); kayaking and canoeing the Upper Shoalhaven River Gorge (Australia) and the Yukon Territory (Canada); and the Hurtigruten Norwegian Coastal Express to view the Northern Lights.

Development West Coast Destination and Tourism Manager Patrick Dault said this is fantastic recognition for our Untamed Natural Wilderness.

“It highlights what we already know – the West Coast is a world class destination with amazing activities on offer.”

Patrick Dault, Development West Coast Destination and Tourism Manager

Dault said the timing of the article, and its global reach, couldn’t have been better with Australian visitors being welcomed back into New Zealand from 11:59pm 12 April.