West Coast must-do adventure activities

19 January 2021
Development West Coast
Here are some must-do adventure activities to put on your list when planning your travel through the West Coast.

The West Coast has no shortage of natural wonders and jaw-dropping vistas. From the Pancake Rocks to our world-famous glaciers, to the Haast UNESCO World Heritage Area, the region is indeed an Untamed Natural Wilderness.

The Coast is chockful of adventure activities to keep you, friends and family entertained as well as offer you an in-depth peek into the region.

Quad bikes

Explore the rainforest bush near Greymouth with On Yer Bike!

Their motto is: The muddier, the better. You’ll be kitted up in gumboots and a helmet, then the fun begins! Venture up hills, through forests, across puddles and have fun.

Further south in Franz you can explore the glacier valley riverbeds with Across Country Quad Bikes and take in views of the towering southern alps around you.

Get on a boat

The West Coast is known for its precipitation and where there is a river or lake there are boats.

From scenic waterway tours, fishing trips, kayaking, to thrilling jet boat rides or river rafting, there is a water activity to suit all energy levels.

Jetboat tours are available on the Buller River, Karamea River, Haast River and Waiatoto River.

River rafting tours are available on the Buller River, Grey River, and Whataroa area.


Underneath the northern West Coast are numerous caves systems to be explored.

Some can be accessed on cave rafting tours in the Nile River Valley with a rubber tube in hand, others by foot on eco guided tours through the Oparara Basin.

The Oparara Arches are the largest of their kind in New Zealand, tucked away near Karamea, and the caves in the Nile River Valley are home to one of the largest glow worm colonies in the world.

Take flight

Experience the West Coast by air to take in all this amazing wilderness.

Scenic flights in either helicopters or fixed wing aeroplanes are available in Karamea, Hokitika, Franz Josef and Fox Glacier as well as Haast. If you crave more of an adrenaline rush, Skydive Fox and Franz offer the highest skydive in New Zealand at 20,000ft!

You can also step foot on either of our largest glaciers with a Heli Hike from Franz Josef or Fox Glacier