West Coast summer campaign underway

09 November 2023
Development West Coast
Development West Coast's summer campaign is focused on driving awareness for the Coast as a visitor destination.

The previous 'Pretty great, actually' campaign was highly successful, yet it only played for a couple of months.

"The tongue-in-cheek ads opened a rich vein of creative opportunity that still has so much more potential," says Development West Coast destination and tourism manager Patrick Dault.

“For summer we’re continuing the 'Pretty great, actually' creative vehicle but with more personas, more locations, more exposure for operators, along with a broader reach.”

The campaign sets the Coast apart from other tourism regions, Dault explains.

“It makes people stop, pay attention and potentially even have a little chuckle - all changing the perceptions of the Coast and making it top of mind for domestic and Australian travel.”

It is based on perception research commissioned by DWC and on international research conducted by Tourism New Zealand. The research demonstrated that domestic and international visitors are keen to get to know Coasters and the region’s best kept secrets.

The ‘Pretty great, actually’ campaign aims to align visitor and local values around an authentic and unpretentious region.

“We want to overcome audience fatigue and apathy, blandness and generic messaging. We seek to be different in a world where every region is feature-dropping; fighting for the tallest mountain, deepest river and best sunset. With understated landscapes and West Coast personality, we invite visitors to see what the Coast is actually like and how Coasters enjoy the region.”

The summer campaign will target a domestic audience as well as Australia. It is forecast to have approximately 6.5 million online impressions and drive 80,000 visitors to the West Coast website, where they can view more inspirational content about the region, its attractions and tourism operators.

DWC's recent spring visitor campaign accumulated 3.7 million online impressions and drove around 60,000 people to the West Coast website.

The latest visitor spending data from MarketView shows spring got off to a good start on the West Coast, with visitor spending in the region during September 21% above pre-pandemic levels in September 2019.

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