Kawatiri Coastal Trail Winter Update

Kawatiri Coastal Trail Winter Update

As temperatures take a nose dive, crisp days and extra layers offer lots of reasons to stay in the saddle over Winter. More of the Trail is now available for users with an abundance of fun adventures on the horizon.

Head to the website for help with planning and information about the Sections - which Sections are open, where they traverse, their length in kms, and the highlights not to be missed.

The Waitakere Section of the Kawatiri Coastal Trail officially opened for use on Sunday 5 June 2022.

The magnificent Waitakere Nile River suspension bridge opened in June 2021, with many since enjoying the bridge and surrounding beauty. The 2km Waitakere Section now enables users to venture further from the bridge through to Charleston via Rotten Row.

The Pūwaha Section was the first of 8 Sections to open in December 2020. There have been 55,000 users along Pūwaha in that time, with the wider community acknowledging the positive impact the Trail and other recreational initiatives are having on the Buller District.

Four consecutive Sections of the Trail in sight

Excitement is high as the Pūwaha, Kawau, Omau and Tauranga Sections prepare to join. With the recent opening of the Waitakere Section, five of the nine Sections of the Kawatiri Coastal Trail will soon be complete. Work on Section 2 (Kawau) between Carters Beach and Cape Foulwind continues, with the limestone top course about to be laid on the newly constructed 0.5 km of Trail between the old Holcim entrance and MacKay Road. Recent poor weather conditions have not made this a simple process, but the Westreef team have made good progress despite Mother Nature’s challenges. It is anticipated that a full opening of the four consecutive Sections will occur mid-August, providing Trail users with 22 continuous kilometres of Trail.

The full 50km of Trail is due for completion mid 2023.