Heaphy Track Recovery update

Heaphy Track Recovery update: Summer bookings open and growing

With building underway, we're excited that visitors can now book the Heaphy Track Great Walk as an end-to-end experience from 19 October.

So far over 8000 bednights have been booked for the season ahead. That's a 200% increase on bed nights booked at this time last year and 50% of the bookings at this time in 2021, which was a peak year.

This is a huge milestone and we know the communities and businesses at both ends of the track will be excited to welcome visitors back after a quiet couple of summers. Most of the bookings so far are from New Zealanders. Keep your eyes peeled for a summer campaign coming soon.

Heaphy Track Summer Bookings

Bridge building begins

The Abseil Access team has arrived on site in the Heaphy Valley to get on with the job of building the new bridges over the Heaphy and Lewis rivers. They will use the Heaphy Hut warden's quarters, and the Lewis Shelter, as a base for the next three months while construction is underway.

Since they were awarded the contract in June, Abseil Access has been busy preparing to get on-site by building forms and structures in their workshop. The job began with flying all this formwork and equipment to the site from the staging area at Kohaihai (above). The crew then started work on the rock anchor on the true right of the Heaphy River (below).