RTNZ Inbound Trade Event - Auckland 21 & 22 March 2023

RTNZ Inbound Trade event

Tuesday 21 & Wednesday 22 March 2023
Crowne Plaza, Auckland

Geraldine and Patrick will be in Auckland to meet with Inbound Tour operators on 21 & 22 March 2023.

Format of the Event

Similar format to previous years including:

Tuesday and Wednesday being mirror days of each other with participants being owner, senior inbound tour company managers and new staff from ITO's.

The format will be one-on-one appointments between each RTO and each inbound tour company. Appointment times will be approximately 12 minutes. It is a round-robin format, each ITO sees each RTO in a sequential manner.

From 8:30 Agents to arrive

8:45 Appointments start

Session One: 8 appointments x 12 minutes

10:35 Morning Tea

Session Two: 8 appointments X 12 minutes


Session Three: 7 appointments X 12 minutes

15:22 Afternoon tea

Fourth Session: 6 appointments X 12 minutes

17:10 End of Day


wc presentation cover

This presentation contains:

- A recap about the main gateways to the West Coast

- Why the West Coast is a great inclusion to your itineraries

- A deep dive into our 6 icons with key attractions, accommodation & activities overview

- Operators one-page product brief (accessible outside of presentation mode)


wc map cover
West Coast - Our 6 Must See Icons Map
West Coast Interactive Map
Glacier Country - Must do Activities Map
Glacier Country - Best Walks & Hikes Map




From beautiful snow-capped mountains to lush green rainforest to rugged Coastline and strong cultural heritage, the West Coast has it all.
We have put together a selection of images you can use on your website and brochure.

Access here


The West Coast Youtube channel is a goldmine full of useful resources.

A few itineraries to inspire you: