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Post-hibernation West Coast walks

Wake up, spring is in the air!

When spring is in the air and days are lengthening, nature is at its best with new growth and wildlife activity. This is a beautiful season to rediscover the outdoors, relish the excitement of new life and work up your fitness.

If you’re emerging from your winter hibernation and want to test the legs, the West Coast is a dream destination with an endless parade of mountains, beaches and more than its fair share of forests, lakes, rivers and wetlands.

Get your boots on and your natural fill in the West Coast where trails, landscapes and adventures await.

Cape Foulwind Walkway Cape Foulwind Walkway
Cape Foulwind walkway

Follow the easy Cape Foulwind Walkway to discover a seal colony, a lighthouse and panoramic alpine and coastal views.


Blow the cobwebs away on spectacular Cape Foulwind. This rocky promontory is hard to beat if you’re looking for a burst of fresh air and interesting wildlife activity. Just for the record, history tells us that it was the elements, and not the air quality, that inspired the name given by Captain Cook way back in 1770.

It’s a short, easy walk but none-the-less impressive. Nature is at full force as the pounding westerly swell thunders into the rocks below the lighthouse. The return journey reveals magnificent vistas of the Southern Alps. Look carefully for the colony of kekeno / NZ fur seals in residence year-round; breeding is in full swing during November to February,

Travel Tips: The Cape Foulwind Walkway is 16 kilometres west of Westport. The 3.4km walk takes 1hr 15 min one way or 2.5hrs return. There is a shorter 15-minute option to a viewpoint above the seal colony.

For up-to-date information on current conditions, check the DOC website.

360 views from the Okarito Trig walk 360 views from the Okarito Trig walk
360 views from the Ōkārito Trig walk

Ōkārito is a coastal settlement with stunning wetlands, a rugged coast and amazing wildlife.


Tiny Ōkārito, on the Ōkārito Lagoon just north of Franz Josef, has about 30 human inhabitants sharing their little piece of paradise with thousands of resident forest and sea birds including the elusive rowi kiwi and the elegant kotuku/white heron. That makes spring easily the noisiest time around here when breeding is in full swing.

While kayaks are the best way to get around the lagoon (New Zealand’s largest unmodified wetland) there are unbelievably spectacular 360-degree views of the mountains and sea from atop the Ōkārito Trig. It’s a relatively easy uphill hike through the lovely beech forest but you’ll want to stop a while to catch your breath and enjoy the views.

Travel Tips: The Ōkārito Trig Walk starts in Ōkārito village and begins with a boardwalk across the wetland. The 4.2km trail is a 1.5hr return walk. The longer Three Mile Pack Track – Ōkārito Coastal Walk (9.8km/3hr return) travels along the beach and is subject to tidal conditions.

For up-to-date information on current conditions, check the DOC website.

Karamea Honeycomb Cave, Oparara Basin Karamea Honeycomb Cave, Oparara Basin
Honeycomb Cave, Ōpārara Basin

Discover a lost world of lush forests, whisky coloured streams and underground wonders in the Ōpārara Basin.


Looking for an exceptional day out in the hills? Karamea is the gateway to Kahurangi National Park and the underground wonders of the Ōpārara Basin.

The Ōpārara Valley Track is a new full day walk (14km/5 hours one-way) through bird-filled virgin rainforest and along the Ōpārara River. It incorporates the Fenian Track heritage gold mining trail, and includes a suspension bridge and some challenging ups and downs requiring a reasonable level of fitness.

There are two shorter round-trip options with a turn-around point at the Sunshine Flat Shelter (1h30min one-way from the Ōpārara Basin; or 3h30min one-way from The Fenian car park).

Travel Tips: The track begins or ends at either the Ōpārara carpark (25km north of Karamea) or Fenian carpark (15.5km north of Karamea). For a one-way walk, you will need to organise a pickup at the other end.

For up-to-date information on current conditions, check the DOC website.

NOTE: While walking, tramping and hiking is a year-round activity on the West Coast, you should always check weather and track conditions before setting out. Always take warm, waterproof clothing as the weather can change rapidly.