Sustainable retreat nestled by Lake Brunner. Luxury accommodation amidst lush native bush. Ideal for nature lovers seeking tranquility. Activities include birdwatching, hiking, fishing and kayaking. Experience New Zealand's wilderness in comfort.



Nestled on the serene shores of Lake Brunner, our eco lodge offers a tranquil retreat amidst New Zealand’s captivating wilderness. Lake Brunner Eco Lodge embodies the essence of a secluded wilderness sanctuary. Here, amidst a backdrop of native birdsong, lush vegetation, enchanting glow worms, cascading waterfalls, and celestial vistas, lies a haven for nature & outdoor enthusiasts and stargazers alike. Each room boasts stunning views of the lake or the lush bush surroundings, inviting guests to unwind and connect with nature. Beyond the lodge, a myriad of adventures awaits, beckoning guests to explore the rugged landscapes of the West Coast.


1950 Kumara Inchbonnie Road, Mitchells, Kumara, New Zealand
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