Moana Trout Fishing Safari

Guided fishing tours lakes, rivers and streams. Try your luck at sight casting to wild browns.

$675 - full day. $350 - 1/2 day. $200 - 2 hours.


  • Fly, spinning, trolling, for wild brown trout.
  • Fly-spin trolling gear available.
  • Lake tours.
  • Private self-contained cottage available with fantastic lake views.
  • Tackle And Equipment Available.

Note: The images show catch and release trout fishers, who are sports fishers and take great care to return the trout to the water as quickly and cleanly as possible. Note that they are wearing stockings over their hands, this is to minimise the burn the fish might feel from dry human hands.

Brent is the longest serving local guide, 22 years in the area and he is a member of the N.Z. Professional Fishing Guides Assn.(NZPFGA).

Both Brent's boats, the Madeline Ruth and Sneakuponum are surveyed to government requirements and Brent has Department of Conservation concessions to fish in the area.

We hold the record 31 landed on the fl y and 44 spinning in one day.


18 Johns Rd, Moana 7872, New Zealand
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