Okarito is a hidden gem in New Zealand, teeming with natural beauty. Explore the expansive Okarito lagoon, wetlands, and rainforest waterways with our guided tours, immersing yourself in New Zealand's largest unaltered wetland.



Your hosts, Paula and Swade, share their passion for the sights, sounds, and stories of the expansive Okarito lagoon and rainforest waterways. At over 3,000 hectares, this pristine ecosystem is NZ's largest intact wetland, from the sea to the mountains. Encounter diverse birdlife thriving in both fresh and saltwater habitats. From tiny dotterels to hardy godwits journeying from Alaska, majestic great white herons, and unique royal spoonbills, there's a plethora of species. On clear days, with the snow-capped Southern Alps and Franz Josef Glacier in the background, your camera will be indispensable.With endless rainforest, birds and tranquil waterways, Okarito Boat EcoTours offer an unforgettable journey through this breathtaking landscape.


31 Wharf Street, West Coast, Ōkārito, New Zealand
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