Underworld Rafting Glowworm Tour

Join us on a simply magical journey of discovery in the Nile River Glowworm Caves. Float on an underground lake illuminated only by Glowworms and admire a wonderland of stactites & stalagmites in one of New Zealand's largest unmodified cave systems.



Underworld Rafting is a superb 4 hour award winning black water rafting adventure in the Paparoa National Park. At our Base in Charleston you are fully equipped with wet suits & helmet to travel by The Nile River Rainforest Train through primeval rainforest & the towering cliffs of the Nile River Canyon to the Cave. A short climb enables you to enter the enormous unmodified cave system. In the upper levels you meander through a calcitic paradise of stalactites & stalagmites while in the lower levels you float through awe inspiring glow worm grottos using only the amazing glowworm lights as your navigational aid. You emerge in a lost world of forest before leaving the tranquillity for tubing the rushing waters of the Nile River.


7368 Camp Street, State Highway 6, Charleston, Charleston, New Zealand
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