Tourism NZ - Shoulder season campaign - Do something Autumn

Tourism New Zealand - Shoulder Season campaign

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Results after 5 weeks up to 17 April 2022

Visits:                    228,000

Active visits:       165,000

Referrals:            58,000

Referral rate:     47.51% (at the booking layer)

Industry participation: 350+ operator deals

Results after 3 weeks up to 4 April 2022

Visits:                    69,000

Active visits:       55,000

Referrals:            27,000

Referral rate:     55.43% (at the booking layer)

Industry participation: 350+ operator deals

  • Kicked off:           14 March 2022
  • Ends:                     15 May 2022
  • Target:                  All New Zealand demographics

The appetite for Domestic Tourism remains high with 69% of New Zealanders planning to take a domestic holiday in the coming 12 months but this time for short trips of a few days.

Autumn is not highly motivating, it’s just after the summer holidays, the weather can be a bit unpredictable.

The idea is to activate the available audience to take a trip they are already open to but have no reason to take. Create a sense of urgency for autumn travel as something to grasp before it’s gone and how consumers should seize the opportunity to travel at this time of year specifically.

What do Kiwis want to do at this time of year?

Top 5:  

  • Eat at local restaurants
  • Shorts walks in a wilderness area
  • Shopping at local food markets
  • Half or full day hike
  • Bathe in hot pools          

Shorter, relaxing and easier trips

Staying with friends and family

Three core objectives:

  • Autumn invites you: Celebrate this season as a fleeting moment in NZ, rich in Manaakitanga
  • An invitation to a deeper relationship: reframing travel as a relationship between people and country, not as a product but a new way to relate to something we know and love.
  • Category challenging approach: Allows TNZ to tell new stories with new ways to engage. Creates room for character and heart.

How can operators leverage?