A Londoner turned Hokitika beachhouse business owner

Meet Claire, a woman who found her paradise on the West Coast of New Zealand. Claire is the proud owner of Drifting Sands, a beautiful beachfront property in Hokitika. She came to Hokitika by chance to help a friend out who was helping her in return for not having to move back to the city. She had been living in London for 15 years and had no idea that Hokitika would end up being the next ten years of her life. But, as she puts it, she fell in love with the place.

My passion really is creating these amazing beach houses and experiences for people when they come to the Coast.

Claire O'Connell

Hokitika is situated between the ocean and the Alps, and it's not just the nature that Claire loves but the people as well. According to her, the people on the West Coast are independent, authentic, and real.

She loves their incredible creativity and awesomeness, which is a perfect match for the natural surroundings. She believes that there are not too many people in Hokitika, which makes the place even more special.

For Claire, every minute of life is for living, and Hokitika is the perfect place for that. She loves being outside more than inside, both mentally and physically, and Hokitika provides the perfect backdrop for that.

Claire's love for Hokitika is evident in the way she talks about it. She believes that when you find somewhere amazing, you miss leaving it and love coming back to it. For her, every day is an opportunity to live and love the place she calls home.

Claire's story shows the fact that there are still places in the world that can capture our hearts and souls. Her love for Hokitika is infectious, and her passion for creating amazing experiences for her guests is admirable. Hokitika is truly a paradise that is waiting to be discovered.

When you've got such a short life and every day for living, this is the type of place where you can live and love it every single day

Claire O'Connell
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