From the US to Greymouth

"I think the best thing about the Coast is that you can make it what you want. It can become your dream!"

Jamie Mosher

We are Coasters!

By Jamie Mosher.

Two and a half years ago, my husband, two kids and I decided to let go of the known and jump feet first into an adventure in the unknown!

As a two-physician household in the United States, we were busy, stressed, exhausted, and never saw the kids. We decided that was not sustainable. Our solution? New Zealand!!

Had we ever been here? No. Did we know much about it other than the fact that they honour our medical training and that no one has anything to say about New Zealand other than the most amazing sentiments? No. But that didn’t stop us!

Before you know it, we had found jobs. The only place with an opening for a physician and a surgeon that was open to Americans was Greymouth. As we got ready to move and were doing research on our new home, I have to admit, I was nervous! My husband is Venezuelan and the thought of no sun for months on end was almost a deal breaker.

Once we arrived, we were instantly enamoured. We had never seen such beauty in our lives. And we saw nothing but sun for the first few months we were here.

We quickly settled into a routine and found our place in the community. That is the real beauty of Greymouth. My husband found a home amid the waves of the Cobden breakwater, surfing year-round. I found my place with the operatic society and have been involved in five productions in my time here.

Jamie acting

Shortly thereafter, I began a donation-based yoga class, because money should not prevent anyone from benefiting from the amazing offerings it provides. This became my second community. I am currently working with a group of locals to bring the inaugural Loudmouth Performing Arts Festival to Greymouth this November, and have opened a production company, Superbrain ProductioNZ, with my friend Cary Lancaster.

I think the best thing about the Coast is that you can make it what you want. It can become your dream! There are so many opportunities to bring what you love to our amazing community. It didn’t take us long to realize that this is our home. The place we have been searching for.

Jamie and family

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