From Japan to Karamea

Karamea, nestled at the end of a winding road on the West Coast of New Zealand's South Island, has become the unexpected haven for Paul and Sanae

Paul, having discovered Karamea on a map, was captivated by the little township at the road's end. "I just fell in love with the place," he expressed

Sanae, having met Paul in Japan two years prior, decided to join him in this adventure. "I thought, okay, you are going there. I'm going to come too," she says.

The couple expresses joy in raising their family in Karamea. "We're very glad that we decided to have a family here in Karamea and raise our kids here," Paul shares.

Sanae speaks of the advantages of raising kids here, "Having Spacious area affects the development to free themselves, not to be regimented by the rules of society, but we've got everything available here," she explains, listing the amenities from health clinics to schools and a heated swimming pool and Library.

“We still wake up every morning and open the window, look out as the sun rises over the national park and think, my goodness, we've won life's lottery.” Says Paul.

Paul, with a background in horticultural science, sees immense business potential in the region. "There's a lot of opportunities here for business and the tourism's very popular. A lot of horticultural opportunities. One of the reasons I decided to move here is because of the growing environment.," he says, citing the excellent soil, great climate, and steady rainfall.

He notes the need for a plumber in Karamea and extends an invitation to any plumbers interested in exploring the region.

Sanae, originally from a big city, marvels at the artistic inspiration within the small population of 700. "Here is a population of 700, and I'm always amused by the talent and craftsmanship and artistic inspiration each person has," she shares. “We've had 65 local artists from children to adults who have exhibited for Karamea community pop Gallery.”

The couple actively engages in the local art scene, with Paul finding endless inspiration in the natural environment through his camera.

Reflecting on Karamea as an artistic haven, Paul remarks, "Karamea is certainly where artists live."

As they encourage others to explore Karamea, they recommend allowing four days for a visit. "If you are planning to come to Karamea and you've never been here before, allow four days, you'll be glad you did," suggests Paul.

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