London physiotherapist carves niche in Greymouth

London physiotherapist carves niche in Greymouth

Roxane Oates moved from the UK to the West Coast 10 years ago. During her time here, she has successfully established a vital business in Greymouth - Aspire Physiotherapy.

The move, which she describes as "unplanned originally," led her away from the hustle of London in search of a quieter life.

Roxane’s initial step was a role at the Greymouth Hospital, but she has since taken the journey from employee to entrepreneur.

"I started my business five years ago now. I thought it was a good opportunity just to work the hours I wanted. It kind of progressed very quickly and got very, very busy.”

Aspire Physiotherapy, which operates out of Coastal Health, specialises in physiotherapy and hand therapy. The business has seen a positive response from the local community.

Tom and Roxane (credit Development West Coast)

To help meet the demand, she has recently welcomed a new team member, Tom Hughes, an experienced physiotherapist from the UK.

Roxane said the experience of running a business on the West Coast has “only been positive.” She enjoys the West Coast and its close-knit community.

“Everyone's pretty supportive and wanting new services on the coast.”

She also appreciates the natural beauty of the region and the abundance of outdoor activities. “There's lots to do, lots of fun stuff outdoors.”

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