'It's All Good' on the West Coast

"We believe that moving to the West Coast was one of the best decisions we've made in our life.”

Anat Edwy

From Israel to New Zealand

Anat and Rami Edwy have found their home and inspiration on the West Coast, where they run a successful natural skincare and personal care company - ‘It’s All Good’.

The eco-friendly business crafts organic products including deodorants, healing balms, room sprays, insect repellent, oral care products and a special cooling gel for menopause relief - all hand-made from the comfort of their beautiful home in Westport.

“We started making natural skincare products because we couldn't find any products on the market that worked for us,” says Anat.

“We were looking to create an aluminium free deodorant, as the ones we've bought were not effective, and that inspired us to create organic, natural and effective solutions for ourselves.”

Since 2012 they have been selling their products under the name ‘It's All Good’.

Anat and her husband immigrated to New Zealand from Israel in 2007, where they lived in different places across the South Island.

“In Nelson we had a successful restaurant and a hectic lifestyle. It wasn't easy for us to run the two businesses side-by-side, and we felt that ‘It's All Good’ was suffering from a lack of attention,” says Anat.

“So we sold the restaurant and moved to the most inspiring place for us - the West Coast.

“Living on the Coast we are inspired daily by the natural environment, and feel so welcomed and supported by the genuine, down to earth people that live in Westport.

“When you live in this beautiful paradise, there is a feeling of serenity and clarity of mind that empowers you to do more, to research, to learn and create. We believe that moving to the West Coast was one of the best decisions we've made in our life.”

On top of the inspirational setting, Anat says there are many advantages to doing business on the West Coast.

“There is a wide range of support from different groups of people that are eager to help your business succeed. And an excellent opportunity to create employment to give back to the community.”

It’s All Good currently stock their products to around 30 retailers across New Zealand and have a strong digital presence through their online store.

“One of the most challenging things we've done recently was launch a new and innovative product ‘For Her’, a special cooling and balancing gel for hot flashes.

“We were not sure if women would be interested in trying such a unique product, especially in such stressful times, but we were thrilled when we got a lot of orders and many thank-you emails from women who were very happy with the product.”

Digital business opportunities

Development West Coast Chief Executive Heath Milne says advances in digital technologies are opening new opportunities, enabling people to live where they want, and do business with the world.

“This has led to a new generation of artisans like Anat who have chosen to live on the Coast for the lifestyle, while selling their products online to wider markets,” he says.

Buller District Council’s Community & Economic Development Officer Lisa Gregory says Anat and Rami are just one example of entrepreneurs who have moved to Westport to combine lifestyle, innovation, and income.

“Many of the people who move to Westport do so because they can have it all – a welcoming supportive community, a healthy lifestyle with easy access to the great outdoors – while staying connected economically and globally.”


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