Move to Greymouth "Best thing that could have happened"

Meet Jayne Turner, a UK native who stumbled upon a teaching opportunity in Greymouth five years ago.

"I saw a job ad for Christchurch, but when that didn't work out, the agency said "How'd you fancy Greymouth?" So I applied for a job at Greymouth high school and I was successful and it's the best thing that could have happened because we absolutely love it here," Jayne recounts.

Now a dedicated teacher at Greymouth High School, Jayne raves about the community, saying, "People here are fantastic. The people I work with, the students I teach, I volunteer with Coast Guard and those people are amazing. "

She cherishes the region's natural beauty and the wealth of outdoor activities, stating, "The whole community, the wildlife, the scenery, we can be skiing within an hour and a half and fish in the sea on that same day. We love the location and just being in the outdoors here. "

Jayne speaks of the perks of living on the West Coast, praising the affordability of housing and a stress-free commute. "My commute of 11 kilometers is 11 minutes, which is fantastic," she adds.

Jayne also recognises the opportunity that there is on the West Coast saying, “There are opportunities here for career progression and to live a very nice work-life balance.”

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