Community support

Supporting our communities

Development West Coast (DWC) recognises the linkages between economic, social, environmental and cultural wellbeing and values participatory and inclusive decision making. For example, in terms of improving the recreation and liveability aspects of the West Coast region, the Trust aims to promote the strengths of the lifestyle and natural assets of the West Coast region that are conducive to families and young and well-educated young adults. The aim is to ensure that the West Coast region is perceived as a vibrant, cosmopolitan area, diverse with nature and natural environment, with show-case events and supportive sports, arts and cultural activities

Since its establishment, DWC has invested $81.3m into community distributions and projects to help build vibrant and thriving communities across the region.


The West Coast Community Trust receives annual funding from DWC, which it distributes to community groups that create an economic benefit to the region.

Community distributions and projects

DWC has financially supported significant assets and facilities throughout the West Coast through the Major District Initiative Fund (MDI) and Extraordinary Distribution Fund (EDF). DWC recognises that community facilities are important to support and help build vibrant communities.

Major District Initiative Fund

The Major District Initiative Fund (MDI) was established in 2005 as a multi-year initiative through to 2022 to provide funding to support community projects and facilities, recognising the contribution these make to supporting and helping build vibrant communities.

The total MDI commitment was $20.1m, with $6.7m allocated to each of the three West Coast district councils. Funding was distributed to projects through each of the councils at a rate of $400,000 per annum.

Extraordinary Distribution Fund

In 2011 DWC provided each of the three district councils with a one-off $2 million Extraordinary Distribution Fund (EDF), enabling each district council to fund community assets and projects that would boost their local economy.


DWC has supported a range of educational projects, acknowledging that education is a key component to long-term improvements in our region’s economic performance.